Patreon set to process $150m of payouts in 2017


Crowdfunding platform Patreon has been talking about its growth for a profile on The Verge, with some new stats to digest.

“Half its patrons and creators joined in the past year, and it’s set to process $150 million in 2017, compared to $100 million total over the past three years,” reported the site.

It’s also clear that Patreon is about much more than music, although top artists on the platform include Amanda Palmer (who earns $38.9k from her patrons per ‘thing’ she releases); Patreon CEO Jack Conte’s Pomplamoose (which gets $3.8k); and independent musician Peter Hollens (whose total isn’t public).

The piece does make space for some criticism of Patreon too though, from musician Mike Errico. “Patronage itself has always been an iffy thing. You know, you piss off the Medicis, you get your head chopped off. And now we get that same kind of thing in the virtual world,” he says. “You’ve got a boss, but your boss is this cloud of fans.”

Overall it’s a good deep-dive into the positives and the concerns around Patreon as a community, from the presence of far-right vloggers and activists, to its support for creators of colour.

Stuart Dredge

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