Billboard launches ‘Artist Pass’ Snapchat music series


Snapchat is the latest frontier for music TV. Or so Billboard hopes, with its launch of a new shortform series called ‘Artist Pass’.

Distributed via Snapchat in five-minute episodes, the show will go behind the scenes with musicians as they get ready for live performances, with Luke Bryan and Demi Lovato among the first crop of artists taking part.

If you thought this would be a good cue for some enthusiastic buzzwording about millennials, you’d be right. “Millennials are practically native to the mobile experience,” said Billboard president John Amato.

“It’s how they’ve learned to consume content including video and they want that information and entertainment quickly and in an organic tone… We believe that Snapchat is the premier platform for younger millennials and we want to continue to find new opportunities to reach that audience.”

According to CNBC, around three quarters of people who watch shows on Snapchat are aged between 13 and 24 years-old. So we’re talking Generation Z as much as millennials here.

Stuart Dredge

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