Carlos Vives surprises fans with new video… and phone calls


Colombian artist Carlos Vives has been giving fans a treat this month with a new music video, but also with surprise phone calls.

Fans visiting his website were asked to enter their name and phone number, and were then greeted by name in a video recorded by the star.

Label Sony Music tells us that Vives gamely agreed to be filmed saying 730 names in a 29-minute session for the video.

The campaign is promoting Vives’ new video ‘Robarte Un Beso’, with the twist being that fans also receive a (recorded) phone call from Carlos while they watch the video, and then get sent a personalised signed photo to their mobile device.

Sony says that so far, 204,000 fans have been called as part of the campaign, exceeding its original ambition to reach 50,000. It has also helped to generate more than 100k views of the music video, as well as picking up plenty of media coverage.

Stuart Dredge

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