India’s Eros Group in talks with Apple, Amazon and Netflix


Eros Group is one of the largest film production companies in India, but it is reportedly in talks to sell its catalogue of films AND music to Apple, Amazon or Netflix.

At least, that’s according to Indian financial newspaper The Economic Times, which claims that the value of such a deal could be worth $1bn.

The report notes that Eros’ catalogue includes more than 3,000 Bollywood and regional movies produced in India, with long-term rights for more than half of that catalogue.

While the article suggests that an acquisition is on the cards, the quote from one (anonymous) executive is more vague: “Discussions are on to monetise the library. An announcement is likely soon.”

That could be seen as the prelude to a licensing deal, which while it could be exclusive, does not necessarily mean an outright acquisition.

See also this quote from another unnamed Eros exec: “We are always in talks with multiple players to syndicate content and monetise the library.”

It remains to be seen whether these quotes hint at Eros talking up its value and the prospect of a bidding war, though, with the three western tech companies keeping silent on the talks.

Stuart Dredge

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