Citizen Ticket to launch blockchain-based ticketing platform


British startup Citizen Ticket is the latest company trying to put a dent in online ticket-touting. And like Dutch firm Guts Tickets, it’s using blockchain technology to do it.

The company has completed a beta test of its service at small-to-medium music events in the UK in recent months, as well as a stress test at one 100,000-capacity event.

Citizen Ticket is using the Ethereum blockchain to power its sales of ‘BitTickets’ which it says are protected from touting.

“Information for every ticket sale is publicly verifiable. The blockchain locks and guarantees the value of a ticket in a way that is unmatched by private databases and paper systems,” explained the company.

“The history of every ticket is hardcoded into the life of the ticket showing to all where it’s been and who owns it allowing complete control.”

Citizen Ticket says it is now looking for its first major project to partner with, to continue building out its technology and proving how it works to the live industry.

Stuart Dredge

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