YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki addresses anti-diversity row


Sacked Google engineer James Damore has been giving his first detailed interviews about his ‘anti-diversity’ memo. He nailed his colours to the men’s rights activism mast by giving them to a pair of right-wing YouTubers who have made their anti-feminist views clear in the past.

But YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki has also been giving her views, in a column published by Fortune in which she relates a question asked by her daughter this week: about whether there really are ‘biological reasons’ why there are fewer women in tech and leadership.

“My experience in the tech industry has shown me just how pervasive that question is,” wrote Wojcicki. “Time and again, I’ve faced the slights that come with that question. I’ve had my abilities and commitment to my job questioned. I’ve been left out of key industry events and social gatherings. I’ve had meetings with external leaders where they primarily addressed the more junior male colleagues. I’ve had my comments frequently interrupted and my ideas ignored until they were rephrased by men. No matter how often this all happened, it still hurt.”

Wojcicki also responded to claims that Damore was simply exercising his free speech. “Every day, companies take action against employees who make unlawful statements about co-workers, or create hostile work environments.”

Stuart Dredge

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