Watch the stars with new Foo Fighters mobile-web app


The Foo Fighters have worked with former Songkick developer Lee Martin on an inventive mobile-web video for new track ‘The Sky is a Neighborhood’.

The video sees the band playing on the roof of a cabin with a backdrop of the night sky. The twist for the mobile version is that it’s the actual constellations from the current standpoint of the viewer.

It’s a cross between a music video and stargazing apps like Star Walk and Night Sky.

“A video of us performing, but when you point it at the sky, it shows the actual constellations behind us. So it works just like those apps, but we’re in the foreground playing,” as chief Foo Dave Grohl put it in his original idea for the video, as shared by Martin in a blog post.

The post goes into technical depth about the development challenges of the project. Sample: “You’d think all this celestial math would be the hardest part of the project, right? Well my friend, you would be wrong. Trying to autoplay a transparent video inline was the real miracle here…”

The mobile site is accessible from an iPhone or Android smartphone only.

Stuart Dredge

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