Tom Goss teams with YouTube for interactive music video


American singer/songwriter Tom Goss has collaborated with YouTube on a Choose Your Own Adventure-style music video for his new track ‘Click’.

Or as Goss describes it on YouTube, a “choose-your-own-love-story” music video, where the viewer gets to choose who to flirt, date and ultimately settle down with.

The video, which was produced at the YouTube Space LA as part of YouTube’s Project Pitch initiative, is based on a first-person view of a Hollywood pool party.

Each section of the video lasts 30-50 seconds, ending with a choice about what to do next, which leads to another clip. So far, the first clip has generated 15k views on YouTube, with 12 storylines and 53 different scenes to be accessed after that point.

The concept reminds us of a video for Israeli musician Yoni Bloch’s ‘Pretend to be Happy’ – created by his company Interlude – which was also based at a party, albeit with the interaction involving changing the point-of-view to a different character each time a choice came up.

Stuart Dredge

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