Apple Music Festival won’t be taking place this year


It’s September, so why no announcement yet about which artists will be playing the annual Apple Music Festival in London?

That’s because it’s not happening this year, with Apple seemingly calling an end to its long-running series of gigs at the Roundhouse venue in Camden.

According to MBW, this is a hard stop rather than a Glastonbury-style fallow year, with Apple shifting its focus towards one-off live events with bands, along the lines of recent gigs with Arcade Fire, Haim and Skepta. Apple has also ramped up its presence at SXSW in Austin, while adding live elements to its ‘Up Next’ program for emerging artists.

The decision to end the annual festival makes sense against that backdrop: rather than concentrating its live firepower on a single month in London, Apple’s activity in this area is shifting to a year-round drive to work with artists and get original content for Apple Music in return.

Stuart Dredge

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