Chorus guitar-learning app includes chords and lyrics


Music Ally has been writing about a number of music-learning apps and startups recently. Chorus is a brand new one that appears to be launching soon.

Pitched as ‘Musixmatch with guitar chords’ it’s a smartphone app that will offer a large catalogue of songs to learn.

“Chorus lyrics come with chord labels and shapes. Fire up your favourite song and start jamming right away,” explains the website for the app, which is still in beta.

“Play solo with your group of friends or use YouTube / Spotify audio to have your own little jamming session with background music.”

The startup behind Chorus is based in Jakarta, and while the video footage of its app in action makes it look very slick, it’s unclear at this time how it’s handling licensing for the lyrics and chords, as well as what business model it’s planning to use to make money from the app.

The company’s founder is Florian Pranata, who has previously worked at Android developer Tink Labs and shopping app Pivote.

Stuart Dredge

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