Ed Sheeran manager takes aim at ‘abhorrent’ ticket touting


Credit to Ed Sheeran’s manager Stuart Camp for not mincing his words when it comes to his campaign against inflated secondary-ticketing prices.

“We do it because I think it’s abhorrent that some bastard is harvesting our tickets and selling them for £500-plus,” he told MBW. “A lot of people don’t realize it’s not [our fault]. They Google search Ed Sheeran tickets and go, ‘Why are your tickets £500?’ Well they’re f***ing not. It makes me so angry. It’s just not fair and I think it’s disgraceful.”

Camp noted a difference between some of the high-profile entities in the secondary-ticketing world though.

“We went to Ticketmaster, who own Seatwave and Get Me In and said, ‘We’ll give you extra primary inventory if you don’t list our shows on your secondary sites.’ And they didn’t,” he said.

“They’re obviously getting a lot of business from us anyway, and the minute we see an Ed Sheeran ticket listed on those sites, we’re pulling your inventory. So they’re playing ball.”

Viagogo is another story, however.

“That’s a whole different ball game. In my eyes, they’re operating on the wrong side of the law. The pretence is that they have no presence in the UK, and they do. We shall see. It’s a struggle, but we’re determined to make a difference here.”

Written by: Stuart Dredge