Music bodies confirm YouTube-MP3 stream-ripping shutdown


Reports on a court filing meant that the news of a settlement between labels and stream-ripping site YouTube-MP3 broke before the relevant industry bodies could announce it.

But announce it they did, yesterday, with the IFPI, RIAA and BPI trumpeting the shutdown of a site which at its peak had 60 million monthly visitors turning YouTube streams into free downloads.

“This is a significant win for millions of music fans, as well as music creators and legitimate music services,” said RIAA boss Cary Sherman. “The swift and successful conclusion of this case should send an unmistakable signal to the operators of similar sites.”

One nugget from the announcement: YouTube-MP3 had already agreed with the BPI to start blocking downloading by UK visitors in October 2016.

The BPI says that data from comScore shows that the number of UK visitors to YouTube-MP3 fell by 70% between September 2016 and June 2017, and due to the site’s heft, that meant that the total number of Brits visiting stream-ripping sites fell by 17% during that period.

Like the RIAA, the BPI is already sharpening its claws to target other sites. “We are determined to take further action as necessary against other stream ripping sites to protect the rights of musicians and labels,” said its CEO Geoff Taylor.

Stuart Dredge

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