ShareBeast admin pleads guilty to copyright infringement


YouTube-MP3 may have settled in a lawsuit led by the RIAA, but the admin of file-sharing site ShareBeast is facing a bleaker resolution to its battle with labels.

Artur Sargsyan faces up to five years in prison after pleading guilty to criminal copyright infringement, and will be sentenced in Atlanta this December.

An announcement by the Department of Justice suggested that ShareBeast “facilitated the unauthorised distribution and reproduction of over one billion copies of copyrighted works” between 2012 and 2015, including pre-release albums.

The DoJ explained that Sargsyan ignored more than 100 emails notifying him of the copyrighted works, before the government seized control of ShareBeast and related domain names, while working with authorities in the UK and the Netherlands to seize the sites’ servers.

The RIAA has claimed that ShareBeast was the largest filesharing site focused on music operating out of the US, making its takedown another notable scalp for the industry and law-enforcement community.

Stuart Dredge

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