TuneCore adds ‘instant mastering’ from audio firm Aftermaster


Digital distributor TuneCore is expanding its partnership with audio firm Aftermaster, offering customers access to its ‘Promaster’ instant mastering service.

TuneCore clients will be able to get four CD-quality mastered versions of their tracks in ‘Powerful’, ‘Radio Ready’, ‘Bass Enhanced’ and ‘Vocal Enhanced’ flavours, with the ability to preview 90 seconds of each before deciding whether to buy them.

There’ll also be monthly and annual subscription options for unlimited access.

A pointed reference to Promaster being “unlike any other product on the market” hints at some of the context for this partnership. TuneCore used to have a partnership with instant-mastering startup Landr: the two companies paired up in January 2015.

However, in July this year Landr became a direct rival to TuneCore, launching its own distribution platform with its mastering tool built in, promising that “We made digital distribution easy. Finally.” It’s thus no surprise that the company’s former partners are looking for new mastering relationships.

Stuart Dredge

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