Remix Hits claims major-label deal for licensed stems


Nashville startup Remix Hits got some press this week, with Digital Music News claiming that the company has a deal with Sony Music to make licensed ‘stems’ of tracks available for DJs to remix and release legally.

Yet when Remix Hits followed up with its own press release, there was no mention of Sony Music at all: just that it will be offering “major label stem content” thanks to a “recent landmark licensing deal”.

Remix Hits does sound interesting with its plans for a ‘stem marketplace’ for DJs to download instrument and vocal tracks, as well as a distribution platform to then release them to “approved” digital services. The company says it plans to “fairly compensate” artists, rightsholders AND remixers for all this too.

“We’re about to create some big opportunities for their artists and all aspiring remix artists around the world,” claimed CEO Sam Brooker, who flagged up his company’s ‘Insight’ technology for identifying copyrighted material at the stem level within remixes.

Stuart Dredge

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