New Michael Jackson compilation includes Shazam AR


A new Michael Jackson album came out on Friday. Well, we say new… ‘Scream’ is the latest compilation album of Jackson’s hits plus a new five-song mash-up and a remix of ‘Thriller’ by Steve Aoki.

But from a digital perspective, there’s an interesting tie-in with Shazam too. Billboards and posters for the album have been appearing around the world with Shazam’s logo on.

They encourage fans to use the app and their smartphone camera to scan the image (which can also be found in physical copies of the album) and access an augmented-reality experience created by design agency Flight School, which uses the ‘Blood on the Dance Floor X Dangerous’ mash-up.

It’s the first time that Shazam has used its AR features – more often deployed for advertising – for a physical music release. It’s also the first time Shazam has run a global AR campaign.

Stuart Dredge

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