About gender ratios on-stage at music-industry conferences…


There are too many men and not enough women on-stage at music-industry conferences. That’s understood widely, but now US journalist Cherie Hu has dug into the actual numbers behind this concern.

Her analysis of 1,644 speakers at 13 industry conferences in 2017 shows that 73% of them are male, while 81% of the ‘C-Suite’ level speakers (CEOs, COOs etc) are male.

But there is plenty more to think about in Hu’s article, including the fact that “conference lineups tend to becomes less distinct as they approach 50/50 gender parity” with more overlap of speakers, yet that this *isn’t* because the same small group of female speakers are being booked.

“There’s more repetition among male speakers than among female speakers. In other words, conferences tend to book the same top-level men even more than they book the same women,” she wrote.

There is also an important piece of advice for conference organisers working to correct the imbalances. “If you’re a conference organiser looking to book more female speakers, you shouldn’t just be thinking about attaining equal overall numbers of men and women,” she wrote.

“You make the most meaningful impact by successfully inserting female voices into conversations where they are most absent.”

Live events, startups and tech and video and film being three of the speaker categories most relevant to that.

Stuart Dredge

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