Snapchat launching global partnership with artist Jeff Koons


Snapchat launched a teaser website yesterday with a 24-hour countdown to… Well, people didn’t know what, until a Business Insider journalist tried setting their computer’s clock forward 24 hours, and discovered all the website’s secrets.

And they are: a partnership with artist Jeff Koons that will scatter a number of his artworks and installations across the world, for people to access (and snap) via the augmented-reality features of Snapchat.

Giant balloon dogs in Central Park, New York and Hyde Park, London; a massive Popeye at the Sydney Royal Opera House and so on.

Snapchat is also inviting other artists to register to take part (the website URL hints that this isn’t just a one-partner thing) suggesting that the company has aims of becoming a selfie-friendly digital art gallery of sorts.

There may be opportunities here for artists and labels: think of the potential around iconic album covers for example, although the possible joys of snapping a virtual Pink Floyd pig at Battersea Power Station in London is dampened slightly by the thought of the Venn diagram between Pink Floyd’s fanbase and Snapchat’s users.

Stuart Dredge

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