Abbey Road launches Topline app to help artists capture ideas


Not content with running its own startups incubator, Abbey Road Studios is now getting into the mobile apps game. But its new app, Topline, is firmly focused on the London studios’ key customers: artists.

The app is pitched as a way for musicians to quickly capture their song ideas. “You can share files easily, sing over imported tracks, add lyrics, tags and pictures, find previous work at speed, and always have space for new ideas by synching songs to your favourite cloud,” explained Abbey Road in its announcement.

The pitch is that the app will be a way for artists to avoid losing their fragments of ideas “in old notepads, dictaphones and even voicemails”. For now, though, artists with Android smartphones will have to continue using those old methods, since Topline is iPhone-only at launch.

There’s a direct competitor on the App Store from Apple itself: its Music Memos app launched in January 2016, although it also offered a feature detecting the tempo, rhythm and chords and adding its own drums and bass in the background.

Stuart Dredge

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