SoundCloud now shows creators who’s playlisting their tracks


Traditionally, individual tracks have been the important unit on SoundCloud, with the streaming service’s discovery dynamic being mainly about following the right people to surface the best tracks into your feed.

However, SoundCloud has been gradually putting more emphasis on playlists to match the strategies of its rivals: something that’s clear from the latest update to its analytics for musicians on the service.

It includes a new stat that “shows creators who’s sharing their tracks in a playlist, and how many plays are being generated from the playlist” on SoundCloud.

“This means that the 1.2 million creators featured in playlists on SoundCloud, daily, can gain insight on, connect and engage more easily with the incredible curator community on the platform,” explained the company.

Spotify has been offering this for a while in its fan-insights dashboard, but that service’s heart is its own in-house playlists rather than those from external playlisters.

Could SoundCloud frame itself as a better platform for independent playlist curators? Its new stat for creators is a small step in that regard, but possibly a pointer to the company’s strategy.

Stuart Dredge

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