VR startup MelodyVR signs licensing deals with Roc Nation


British music/VR startup MelodyVR has announced its latest licensing deals, with Roc Nation and Roc Nation Publishing.

The global, multi-year deals will “license the creation and distribution of virtual reality content featuring Roc Nation artists, covering both record label and publishing rights” according to MelodyVR’s announcement for investors this morning.

“As part of the relationship, MelodyVR will receive the right to create and distribute content created with Roc Nation artists for an exclusive period, followed by a period of joint-exploitation by both parties.”

MelodyVR already has similar deals in place with all three major labels as well as a number of independents and artists, ahead of the launch of its virtual-reality app in 2018.

Roc Nation’s roster should help MelodyVR as it expands its operations into the US, where it’s trying to bolster its catalogue of live performances and original VR content ahead of its commercial launch.

Stuart Dredge

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