Spotify investor claims Spotify could be worth $100bn one day


Shock news! An investment firm thinks that one of the companies that it has a stake in will see its valuation increase fivefold in the coming years!

GP Bullhound’s claim that Spotify’s valuation will shoot up from $20bn when it goes public to $100bn in the future should probably be filed alongside recent claims by Goldman Sachs – an investor in both Universal Music’s parent company Vivendi and in Spotify – that UMG is worth $23.5bn while the paid streaming market will grow to $28bn by 2030.

Still, for what it’s worth, GP Bullhound hopes that Spotify will reach 100 million paying subscribers sometime in mid-2018, before climbing to 200 million by 2020 – by which point it hopes Spotify will have 500 million active users overall once free listeners are included.

“Given that Spotify’s growth continues and that emerging market growth keeps average revenue per premium subscriber relatively in shape we envision that Spotify has a long term potential of being valued at $100 billion…”

Stuart Dredge

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