Auddly invites managers in to its music metadata platform


Swedish startup Auddly has been building what it describes as a “song data hub”, initially for songwriters to store details on their songs as they work on them – including co-writer and producer details, split agreements and credits.

Now the company is widening the pool it’s using to source this data to managers, via a new section where they can add in information for their artists too.

“Using Auddly gives managers more time to focus on what brings the most value to their clients and to grow their business, instead of spending enormous amounts of time chasing versions, info and people,” said CEO Niclas Molinder this morning, as the feature was announced.

“We are building Auddly for the entire industry, and we see that the manager’s role in the song will be increasing in the future.”

The long-term goal is to bring together publishing and recording metadata – the separation of which, as anyone reading Music Ally will know, has been a regular cause of strife in the industry recently.

Stuart Dredge

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