Hookd rebrands as Lickd and adds Hospital Records catalogue


We reported on the launch of Hookd in September: the British startup is launching a ‘pre-cleared, commercial music licensing solution for online video creators’. Basically a way for YouTubers to license labels’ tracks for use in their videos for as little as £6.

In the weeks since, there’s been a change: Hookd is now known as Lickd: a different name, if the same distrust of the letter ‘e’.

Part of the company’s pitch is its Vouch software, which will integrate with YouTube’s Content ID system to ensure that creators who’ve licensed a track from Lickd won’t get a takedown notice for using it.

“It’s an exciting time for us, with a new name and a new opportunity for all YouTube creators to sign-up to Lickd and benefit from better music and more income,” said CEO Paul Sampson in a statement.

The announcement included the news that drum’n’bass label Hospital Records’ catalogue is now available for licensing within Lickd, as its service goes live in open beta.

While Hospital was named as a partner in the September Hookd launch, its tracks are now in the system for use by YouTubers.

Stuart Dredge

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