Lessons from Kobalt’s Laura Marling pre-save campaign


At our recent Sandbox Summit conference, Kobalt Music Recordings’ David Emery outlined three lessons learned from running a Spotify pre-save campaign for Laura Marling.

Now he’s turned the talk into a blog post, which makes good reading for any music marketer. We reported on his thoughts about getting away from your desk and inbox to have good ideas at the time, but another point focuses on fans.

“In music typically the fan is rarely directly the customer, there’s always a third party in between artist and fan controlling the commercial relationship. This means that the foundations of the industry are built on working with other companies – whether they’re retailers, radio stations or press outlets – to engage with a fan,” wrote Emery.

“This means that there’s not a tradition of customer relations, retention and engagement like you would get in other industries. So we have to force ourselves to look at it from the other side – we shouldn’t be asking the question ‘how are we going to push this out to the fanbase?’ But instead asking ‘if I was a fan, how would I want to know about this?’. Make it as easy as you can to let them engage, even if that means putting more work in.”

The full post is well worth a read.

Stuart Dredge

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