Deezer gets more social with new community feature


Should music-streaming be more or less social? Spotify recently shut down its Inbox messaging feature, but Apple Music’s latest update bumped up its friends factor a bit.

Now Deezer is making its own move, launching a feature called ‘Community’ that aims to get its listeners chatting to one another about music.

This is less of a social network and more of an online forum though: the company told users that they’ll also be able to get news on Deezer and “exchange tips and tricks about features in the app”, with the potential to “become one of the most influential members” in the community as well as providing feedback to the streaming service.

In that sense, this is more akin to Spotify’s online support forums (called, er, ‘Community’) rather than in-app social features. It’s certainly something useful for a service like Deezer to have up and running though.

Written by: Stuart Dredge