Ducktails albums pulled from several streaming services


Several albums by Ducktails – the project for American independent musician Matt Mondanile, formerly of Real Estate – have been pulled from streaming services.

Pitchfork claimed that distributor The Orchard was responsible for the takedowns on Spotify and Tidal, with three albums – two released through Domino and one through his own label – affected.

The news comes shortly after Mondanile was accused of sexual assault and other misconduct by a number of women, and also after it emerged that his departure from Real Estate in early 2016 was a sacking related to such allegations.

Neither The Orchard nor Domino have commented for Pitchfork’s piece.

When this kind of thing has happened in the past – for Lostprophets after that band’s frontman went to prison for child-sex offences in 2013 for example – there have been strong views on both sides of arguments about whether it’s right or wrong to pull content.

We know how sensitive these decisions are for labels and distributors, and that they’re not taken lightly. Ducktails won’t be the last example.

Stuart Dredge

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