Metal streaming service Gimme Radio launches new iOS app


We’ve been wondering about the potential for single-genre streaming services for a while now, with classical (through companies like Primephonic and Grammofy – one of the first areas to explore the idea.

Now it’s time for metal to have a go, with streaming service Gimme Radio launching its first mobile app this week. Pitched as “the ultimate streaming music service for the true metal fan”, its completely free to listen to, with no advertising, adopting a radio-style model for delivering music, rather than on-demand.

How does it make money? Sales of vinyl and merch, with Gimme Radio telling Billboard that it’s considering sponsorships for individual shows as another revenue stream.

“We’re not chasing dozens of millions of subscribers or aiming to feed music down a pipe to as many people as possible. We see ourselves more as a platform for enthusiastic fans who want much more engagement than just a digital stream,” said CEO Tyler Lenane.

Written by: Stuart Dredge