Salute Music Makers contest gives cryptocurrency to entrants


Salute Music Makers is the latest attempt to adapt the idea of a musical talent contest to the digital world. Announced in March, it has attracted more than 2,000 entrants so far, with six chosen as finalists this past weekend.

Now Salute is announcing a very-topical additional element to its contest: plans to distribute free cryptocurrency to everyone who entered the competition.

Like Björk, who made her big cryptocurrency announcement yesterday, Salute is working with British startup Blockpool and its AudioCoin currency. More than $10k of AudioCoins will be shared between Salute’s contestants, divided according to the views of their videos submitted for the competition.

And as with the Björk campaign, Salute says its community of musicians will be able to earn more cryptocurrency in 2018 from fans sharing their music, going to gigs and buying merchandise.

Written by: Stuart Dredge