Spotify data shows ‘listening diversity’ is up 40%


Spotify says it’s experiencing “an explosion in listening diversity” on its service, by which it means the number of artists the average listener streams in a week.

“Since 2014, the average number of artists each listener streams per week has increased 37 percent, from just under 30 to about 41 artists per week so far in 2017. And the biggest increase happened in the past year,” wrote the company’s insights team in a blog post. “The majority of this effect is coming from our personalised and editorial playlists and discovery tools.”

Spotify also says that average weekly listening hours per user have grown by 25% since 2014, although sadly without providing figures on how many hours that is. “It’s clear more listeners are hearing more music on Spotify, and they’re streaming a wider variety of music,” claimed the post. “In other words, the pie is getting bigger and there are more slices going around.”

As we reported last week, the impact of the algorithmic playlists – Discover Weekly and in particular Release Radar – are fascinating here, with the latter now generating more streams even than some of Spotify’s biggest (human) programmed playlists.

Written by: Stuart Dredge