Tidal adds liner notes for tracks and albums


Why don’t music-streaming services provide credits of the depth you used to get on vinyl and CD albums?

It’s a question regularly asked on conference stages, with the simple answer that – accepting the fact that it would be a positive step for musicians, songwriters and producers – there hasn’t been an obvious business incentive to push it to the top of these services’ development to-do lists.

Is that changing? Tidal is taking a step forward with the introduction of ‘artist credits’ for individual tracks and albums. This isn’t just about artists though: Tidal will now show credits for “composers, lyricists, engineers, musicians, vocals, instrumentals, mastering, production, mixing details, record label information, album cover photographer and more”.

This information has already been added for “millions” of albums and tracks, with more to follow. Accessing it involves clicking or tapping on a ‘Show Options’ icon then choosing ‘Album Info’ or ‘Track Info’ though, so we’re unsure how many listeners will actually take advantage.

Stuart Dredge

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