’s days as a music-streaming powerhouse may be behind it, but its idea of ‘scrobbling’ music – keeping track on the songs and artists you listen to – remains useful.

Now a new startup called Canary looks like it’s exploring the idea with more of a mobile focus. Its app is currently available in beta for iOS devices, and is pitched as “a social network where you check-in the music you listen to and keeps a record of that data to let you know things like how often do you listen to the particular music, artist, or genre and how your music tastes change over time”.

Which, of course, is exactly the data being tracked by Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming services, albeit not usually being made available to the actual listener beyond Spotify’s end-of-year ‘what you listened to’ roundups, in limited form.

Canary looks like it’s taking scrobbling and trying (as did) to wrap social features around it. Actually getting people to install and use the app will be the big challenge though: past apps like Soundwave which had similar ambitions never managed to reach beyond a niche audience of music/tech people.

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