Chinese startup Nusic to launch mobile game for mix-sharing


We raise our eyebrows wearily whenever we see a new startup touting itself, as Nusic does, as an ‘Instagram for Music’.

But the slogan for the Chinese firm’s profile on investment site AngelList actually sells it short: the company appears to be working on something much more interesting than just a ‘share photos with music clips’ application.

“Nusic gives everyone the feeling of being a DJ, through a mobile game which lets you mix songs together,” explains the profile of the Shenzhen-based startup. “Users can share their unique mixes to their friends on social media, and it always sounds good. Music creators and remixers can use our in-app marketplace to sell their music to our user base in mainland China.”

The company’s founder is Adam Place, a musician, DJ and talent agent who also invented the AlphaSphere instrument. It’s early days – Nusic’s website doesn’t appear to be up and running yet – but if the company has licensing high on its priorities list, it could be a welcome addition to the Chinese music/apps market.

Stuart Dredge

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