7digital makes video news programme for Amazon’s Echo Show


7digital’s Entertainment News division is making the most of the screen that comes with Amazon’s Echo Show smart speaker.

Just launched in the UK after its US debut earlier in the year, the Show has a seven-inch screen that means companies developing Alexa skills can add video and images in to the mix.

In 7digital’s case, that’s a show called Entertainment News Xtra offering music, film and television news, updated regularly each day. There’s already an audio-only Alexa Skill for the Entertainment News brand, so the new show is an extension of that with video.

The news suggests that the Echo Show – and similar screen-toting smart speakers if the rumours about Apple’s second-generation HomePod turn out to be true, for example – could be an interesting new frontier for online video.

If 7digital can make an Echo Show programme, why not also, for example, a label or even an artist working with a brand partner?

Stuart Dredge

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