Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile launch ‘mixtape exchange’


We’re big fans of the recent album by Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile, and we’re also impressed by the inventive Spotify-fuelled marketing campaign around it.

So is Spotify: the streaming service has featured the campaign as a case study on its Spotify for Artists blog.

Label Matador worked with Spotify to create the ‘Intercontinental Mixtape Exchange Program’, a site where fans can create Spotify playlists and send them to fans on the other side of the world, and receive a playlist in return.

“It was very much an exercise in trying to reach across different continents rather than simply a random matching of people,” said Beggars Group director of creative development Naomi Scott. “Sharing Spotify playlists is arguably the new sharing mixtapes.”

According to the blog post, more than 1,000 playlists have so far been created and sent. While that’s good, there’s arguably much more room to promote the site to fans: Barnett has more than 982,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, while Vile has nearly 1.3 million.

Stuart Dredge

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