NetEase Cloud Music now has 400m users in China


Chinese music service NetEase Cloud Music says it now has 400 million users, having increased its monthly active users (MAUs) by 44% year-on-year.

The company also says that its users are skewed towards the 15-35 year-old demographic in China’s tier one and tier two cities, with those listeners creating 620k playlists and posting 1.5m comments every day.

The company is also pitching itself as the most western-friendly of Chinese services, in terms of what’s being listened to.

“Consumption of international music on our music service comprises more than 30% of all usage – over-indexing compared to other music services in China, with increased listening in electronic/dance music, hip-hop, soundtracks and rock genres being significant,” said VP, International Mathew Daniel in a statement.

Daniel told Music Ally in a follow-up conversation that one example of an artist benefiting is South Korean musician J Fla, who is signed to British label Ostereo, which is working with NetEase. Her songs have generated 26m streams on NetEase in November so far alone, with more than 660,000 followers on her NetEase social page.

The obvious comparison to that ‘30% of all usage’ stat is Tencent, whose music boss Andy Ng said in June that its streaming services had 600 million monthly active users, but that more than 80% of its users were only listening to Chinese music.

NetEase has also been talking about its collaboration with Taiwanese service KKBox, which involves teaming up for playlists, concert tours, videos and original-music sponsorship.

Written by: Stuart Dredge