Vita Bergen use Google Translate for their new tour


From taxis to restaurant menus in foreign climes, Google Translate has often been a useful travel tool for Music Ally. We’ve never thought of performing a song with it though.

Leave that to Swedish indie-pop band Vita Bergen, who have teamed up with Google to put its translation tool to musical use.

The band will play their new single ’Tánd Ljusen’ in London, Paris and Madrid in the coming days, performing in English, French and Spanish using the latest version of Google Translate. A launch event will be streamed live on YouTube later today, as Google puts some welly behind the marketing partnership.

This may not be a massive deal in the scheme of things: any artist can stick their lyrics in to Google Translate and get something out that’s good enough to pass muster in a performance, even if making the translated lyrics scan is a challenge.

But the point is more that outside the ever-present value-gap and search-engine rows around Google, there are opportunities for artists to use its various online tools for marketing ideas – and sometimes get support from Google to do it.

Stuart Dredge

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