Startup Kurv touts the ‘world’s first wearable guitar’


London-based startup Kurv is working on what it claims is “the world’s first wearable guitar”. To which the logical response is ‘hang on, aren’t all guitars wearable?’ Well, all bar slide-guitars anyway.

But get beyond the strap-snubbing slogan, and Kurv looks quite interesting. It looks a bit like a giant woodlouse, held in the palm of the hand with a clip helping it to stay in place. The wearer can then tap the device with their fingers to play notes.

“A stringless digital guitar that allows anyone to learn and play songs using touch, motion and gestures,” as the website puts it: the Kurv also senses strumming and plucking movements to alter its sound.

Kurv isn’t entirely new: in fact, the startup raised £54k on Kickstarter in 2015 to make the original version of its product, before raising another $87k on Indiegogo in 2016.

Kurv’s companion app will come with 60 songs preloaded for people to play along with, including tracks by Jimi Hendrix, AC/DC, The Beatles, Taylor Swift, Coldplay and the Rolling Stones according to its website, so there’s clearly a licensing strategy afoot too.

Stuart Dredge

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