Google tightens rules on ticket-reseller advertising


Google is updating its rules on how ticket-resellers can advertise on its search engine, with the changes due to take effect in January 2018.

Secondary ticketing services globally will have to be certified with Google before they can advertise using its AdWords platform.

“To be certified, resellers can’t imply that they are the primary or original provider of event tickets and must disclose to customers that they are a reseller,” explained Google.

“Resellers must also tell customers that prices may be higher than the face value (the price offered by the primary provider). Prices must be broken down to show the values of included fees and taxes during checkout and before the customer provides payment information.”

Furthermore, from March resellers will also have to post the face value of tickets along with their own price, in the same currency.

UK campaigning body FanFair Alliance welcomed the move, citing its recent report – disclosure: Music Ally was involved in that project – which found that search engines are a key customer acquisition tool for secondary sites, and that a number of fans express confusion over what are primary and secondary sites in search results.

“We are pleased that Google have listened to concerns on this issue, and have acted in an assertive manner and on a global basis,” said FanFair in a statement.

Stuart Dredge

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