YouTube takes action against misleading ’loop videos’


Post Malone’s ‘Rockstar’ has been a big hit on much every streaming platform, so it would be inaccurate to say that its infamous ‘loop video’ on YouTube was the sole reason for its success.

The video of the song’s chorus looped over and over certainly contributed to the track’s chart ranking in the US though – even if the intention was to make the music equivalent of a film trailer that drove fans to other platforms to hear the full track, rather than to fiddle the charts.

Anyway, this sort of thing won’t be a thing in 2018 it seems. “We’ve stopped that from happening,” YouTube’s music head Lyor Cohen told Pitchfork for its end-of-year trends roundup.

He was backed up by a spokesperson. “Loop videos that feature misleading and inaccurate metadata violate YouTube policies and we are actively working to have them removed,” they explained.

“Further, any upload of a song intended to mislead a user (preview, truncated, looped) posted on YouTube to look like the original song will not contribute to any charts.”

Stuart Dredge

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