Deezer takes action against ‘hacked versions’ of its app


Deezer has been cracking down on third-party apps and sites that stream-rip music from its service.

Before Christmas, the streaming service sent takedown notices to development site GitHub for a number of tools, including Deezloader, DeezerDownload, Deeze, Deezerio, Deezit, and Deedown according to TorrentFreak.

“The following projects… make available a hacked version of our Deezer application or a method to unlawfully download the music catalogue of Deezer, in total violation of our rights and of the rights of our music licensors,” wrote Deezer in its takedown notice, which GitHub has complied with.

However, the tools are still available from other online sources: this variant on the stream-ripping battle is just as whack-a-moley as others. Still, rightsholders will be glad that Deezer is taking on the fight.

Stuart Dredge

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