Instagram adds ‘recommended’ posts as Snapchat stories expand


The rivalry between Instagram and Snapchat was a big feature of the social-media world in 2017, and it’s already kicking off 2018 in a similar vein.

Instagram is adding a “recommended for you” section to its feed, suggesting posts to people based on what the people they follow have been liking.

People On The Internet are, unsurprisingly, furious about this – the kind of fury that will be forgotten in a month or two – but it could be good news for musicians, whose posts are often like-magnets on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Snapchat is reportedly preparing to open its pioneering ‘stories’ format up to the wider web. ‘Stories Everywhere’ is a project that’s “figuring out how to finally distribute the app’s wealth of user-generated content on the web and elsewhere” according to news channel Cheddar.

This could mean embeddable Snapchat stories for other websites, as well as giving third-party apps access to videos posted through Snapchat.

A big move for an app that’s always been a defiantly-closed ecosystem in the past, but which as a public company is under pressure to juice its user-growth in 2018.

Stuart Dredge

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