On-demand video was 22.8% of US music consumption in 2017


We reported on the latest music-consumption stats from the UK yesterday, but now Nielsen has published its data for the US, revealing even bigger growth for 2017.

Specifically, sales and streams of albums and songs grew by 12.5% last year in the US, driven by a 59% increase in on-demand audio streams.

Nielsen also noted that seven of the top 10 ‘most consumed’ albums were R&B / Hip-Hop albums, with these genres collectively seeing a 72% increase in audio-only on-demand streams last year.

There’s also a data-point lacking from the UK stats: the volume of on-demand video streams (i.e. YouTube).

When converted into album-equivalent form, consumption was 636.7m units in the US last year, but Billboard notes that when video is stripped out, the total was 491.6m units – thus on-demand video accounted for 145.1m album-equivalent units in the US in 2017: 22.8% of overall consumption.

Stuart Dredge

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