Report: Apple’s ARKit has been used by 825 apps so far


App analytics firm Apptopia claims that 825 iOS apps released in 2017 used Apple’s ARKit augmented-reality framework.

That included around 300 when the technology went live in Apple’s iOS 11 software in September, plus another 525 over the final three months of 2017.

VentureBeat is presenting this as a flop for Apple: “only modest uptake from developers, and growth has been slowing… a tiny fraction of the three million total iOS apps out there, especially when one considers ARKit’s substantial potential for use in games, photo/video apps, and utilities”.

We’re not so sure ARKit should be written off barely four months after it launched. It’s been an experimental phase for developers, figuring out what augmented reality is good for and how they can make use of Apple’s tools.

Better fewer, better attempts than a massive pool of mediocrity – a principle that could just as much be applied to the overall App Store. Extra data: 30% of ARKit apps so far are games, 13.2% are entertainment, and 7.5% are photo/video apps. For now, music isn’t a big factor at all.

Stuart Dredge

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