Spotify tests new feature using video loops as song artwork


Spotify is testing a new feature that replaces static artwork for songs on its service with GIF-like looping videos uploaded by their artists or labels.

Music Ally spotted the feature this morning while listening to the New Music Friday UK playlist on a smartphone, and a track called ‘Everybody Wants To Be Famous’ by Superorganism, who are signed to indie label Domino.

In place of the full-screen artwork (accessed by tapping the now-playing bar at the bottom of the screen) there was a looping video featuring cats, prawns and the band’s singer. The clip is taken from the full-length video for the song, and includes an ‘uploaded by Superorganism’ credit.

The video-artwork plays however the song is played – not just from the New Music Friday UK playlist – so this isn’t the same feature as the video footage Spotify has started to include in some of its big own-brand playlists. You can test it on your phone by tapping this link.

The new feature has a similar goal for Spotify though: more encouragement for people to watch its app on their phones, rather than just have it playing audio in the background.

Music Ally has contacted Spotify and Domino Records for more details, and to find out if other artists are also taking advantage of it. We’ll update this story accordingly with any responses.

Written by: Stuart Dredge