Accenture sees strong growth for smart speakers in 2018


It’s clearly the time of year for people to be making bullish smart-speaker predictions: Accenture is the latest to throw its hat into the ring.

Its ‘Time to Navigate the Super Myway’ report (ouch!) includes plenty of forecasts for standalone digital voice assistant (DVA) devices – speakers, but also other gadgets with Alexa, Google Assistant and similar technology built in.

“Year-on-year growth in ownership of stand-alone digital voice assistant devices is greater than 50% in all countries surveyed, regardless of the availability of local language services,” claims the report.

“If stated purchase plans hold, DVA device ownership will reach one third of the online population in China, India, the US, Brazil and Mexico by the end of 2018.”

This isn’t just a western, developed-markets thing, in other words. In fact, if Accenture is correct, 39% of India’s online population will own one of these devices by the end of the year, ahead of the US (37%) – although remember this is ‘online population’ not overall population.

Here’s an interesting stat too: 64% of DVA owners say they use their smartphone less for entertainment services.

Stuart Dredge

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