EC presses internet platforms to crack down on illegal content


Yesterday saw a meeting in Brussels between a group of European Commission representatives and (unnamed) internet platforms to discuss illegal content.

While piracy was included in the brief, the driving force behind the meeting was more about extremist content and hate speech.

“Terrorist propaganda and content that incites violence and hatred online is a serious threat to security, safety and fundamental rights. It demands a collective response – from all actors, including the internet industry,” explained the commissioners in a statement put out ahead of the meeting.

Why is this relevant for Music Ally? Because some of the measures being called for by the EC also play in to what music rightsholders have been asking for on the anti-piracy side of things for years.

“The Commission is counting on online platforms to step up and speed up their efforts to tackle these threats quickly and comprehensively, including closer cooperation with national and enforcement authorities, increased sharing of know-how between online players and further action against the reappearance of illegal content.”

Or as rightsholders have put it: take down, stay down – a sensitive topic for some of the online platforms.

Stuart Dredge

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