Huffington Post pulls artist’s report of Spotify meeting


An article by musician Blake Morgan about an artists meeting held by Spotify has been ‘unpublished’ by Huffington Post, in a move that’s already giving the piece a wider airing on other sites.

“If anyone were to dispute your account of the meeting in question, we wouldn’t be able to verify or stand behind the quotes,” wrote HuffPo’s contributors editor in an email to Morgan, which has since been published by Digital Music News alongside the full version of the original article.

In it, Morgan relates an argument between himself and a Spotify executive about what Spotify’s product is – by his account, the executive claimed the product was the service itself, while Morgan said it was the music being listened to.

“Spotify’s ongoing crisis of misuse begins and ends with the fact that they don’t know their only product is music. They think it’s themselves, which explains each and all of their stunning mistakes and missteps,” he concluded in the unpublished piece.

There is no evidence at this point that Spotify pressed for the piece to be taken down.

Stuart Dredge

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