SiriusXM debuts ‘360L’ in-car satellite-plus-streaming service


US satellite-radio firm SiriusXM has launched the latest iteration of its in-car service, called 360L. That represents “360-degree listening” with a blend of satellite radio and streaming to pipe music into vehicles, starting with the 2019 Ram 1500 truck.

Drivers will get SiriusXM’s lineup of 200+ live radio channels, as well as recommendations for other shows and stations they might like based on their listening habits.

“For example, a subscriber listening to one of Howard Stern’s channels live may be presented with the option of tuning in to Howard’s recent interview with Bono and The Edge of U2, which in turn may lead to a recommendation for SiriusXM’s The Spectrum channel, and it is all available at their fingertips,” explained the company, as an example.

Voice controls are built in as well as touchscreen access, and 360L ties in to SiriusXM’s ‘All Access’ subscription, which costs $20.99 a month (although in the Ram truck’s case, buyers will get a one-year subscription bundled with the vehicle to start them off).

Stuart Dredge

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