Online audio-mastering startup CloudBounce to launch ICO


Drag’n’drop audio-mastering startup CloudBounce is joining the blockchain bandwagon, with plans to launch an initial coin offering (ICO).

The company, which competes with services like Landr, announced its plans tonight at the Abbey Road Red incubator’s demo event in London.

“We’re doing the next step in building a better community and better and faster audio-processing service,” said CEO Anssi Uimonen, who was speaking in a session of the incubator’s alumni (he’s on the far left of the photo above).

“We’re basically going to tokenise CloudBounce, our existing business. We’ve solved the demand side of there being an actual need for this product. The next step is to actually enable the whole user community to earn from the jobs that come in daily.”

CloudBounce was part of Abbey Road Red’s 2016 intake, and went on to raise $250k of seed funding in January 2017. Its mastering tool is available for $4.90 per track, or a $19.90 monthly subscription.

“We’re going to tokenise CloudBounce,” said Uimonen. “We’re going to do an ICO and pre-sale, and effectively enable users to earn CloudBounce tokens in exchange for renting out their CPU or GPU processing power for audio jobs.”

Written by: Stuart Dredge